Your identity for the Web3 world
Galaxies is an identity protocol for the web3 ecosystem. You build your composable avatar, connect it to ENS and use it everywhere on chain.
The initial drop — 5000 items
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Your avatar is your identity
The initial 5000 items are dropped by us
Anyone can drop and sell their items after
Each item is an NFT and it's unique
Connect to ENS & use everywhere
The entrance into metaverse is galaxies
Identity protocol
Build and contribute
Profile picture & status
Mint your Galaxy and use it everywhere
Connection with multiple dapps
Connection to ENS
Multichain support is soon
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Avatars marketplace
Anyone is allowed to build for Galaxies
Decentralized social
Make connections
Everything is stored on chain
Connect all of your wallets to your identity
Interested in what you can build?
First drop is made by us — next drops are made by the community
Easy to use API for devs
You can connect your Galaxy to any web3 service
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Launching soon!
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